Allen Bradley OETL-800K3 Heavy-Duty Switch-Disconnector – 800A, 415V with IP65 Handle

Original price was: $7,791.00.Current price is: $5,225.00.

The Allen Bradley OETL-800K3 is a robust switch-disconnector featuring a black IP65-rated handle for reliable operation, equipped with phase barriers and a terminal bolt kit. It supports operational currents up to 800A and is designed for both industrial automation and maintenance tasks.

  • Rated Operational Currents: AC-21A/AC-22A/AC-23A (380-415 V): 800A/800A/720A
  • Thermal Currents: Free-air 800A; Fully enclosed 720A
  • Poles: 3
  • Features: IP65 handle, phase barriers, shaft OXP12x166 (166 mm), terminal bolt kit
  • Terminals: Top In – Bottom Out
  • Mechanism: Switch operating mechanism at the end
  • Net Weight: 6.20 kg
  • Enclosure: Provides protection from environmental factors, suitable for demanding settings