Camp Lanyard 2030.08 – 10.5mm Polyamide Static Rope for Anchoring & Positioning, 22 kN Strength, No Shock Absorber


The Camp Lanyard 2030.08 is designed for safety and efficiency in various applications. Made from high-strength 10.5 mm polyamide static rope, this lanyard is ideal for positioning or use as an anchor in safety systems. It does not include a shock absorber, emphasizing its specialized use. Certified for its robustness with a strength rating of 22 kN, it ensures reliability in critical situations. Its length and durability make it a dependable choice for professionals requiring secure anchoring solutions.

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  • Lanyards constructed from 10.5 mm polyamide static rope.
  • No shock absorber. Certified for positioning use or as anchors only. Strength 22 kN.
  • Length 2017