Honeywell S7830A1005


Microprocessor-based expanded annunciator to support the 7800 SERIES relay modules for first-out annunciation, sequencing, system or self-diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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  • 26 status LED.
  • Front panel LED array-arranged in a pattern to clearly indicate the flow of line-voltage through the string of limits, controls, and interlocks.
  • Selectable current and first-out LED array display status.
  • Power and proper operation indicating LED.
  • Common Universal Mounting Subbase (Q7800 A or B).
  • 21 monitored contact points.
  • Access for external electrical voltage checks.
  • Communication interface capability.
  • Capable of programmable limit or interlock messages using the S7800A1142 Keyboard Display Module (KDM).
  • LED operational test.
  • 36 additional 7800 SERIES fault and hold messages.
  • Open Lockout interlocks are indicated with a flashing status LED when used with Relay Modules having the Lockout Interlock feature. Hold messages are enhanced on the KDM with the S7830 terminal description information (such as Low Water cut-off).