Omron MY4N-J 24VDC Relay – High Capacity Switching with Bipolar Grade 4


The Omron MY4N-J relay offers versatile switching capabilities with a load current of 5A/3A and maximum switching voltages of 250VAC/125VDC. Designed for high reliability in demanding applications, this compact relay ensures efficient performance.

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Type: MY4NJ
Bipolar / grade 4
Load current: 5A / 3A
Maximum switching voltage: 250VAC, 125VDC / 250VAC, 125VDC
Maximum switching current: 5A / 3A
Maximum switching capacity: 1100VA-120W, 440VA-48W / 660VA-72W, 176VA-36W
Minimum allowable load: 1mA, 5VDC / 1mA, 1VDC