Tyrolid 222865 2in1 Basic DPC Metal Grinding Disc 230mm


The Tyrolit 222865 2in1 Basic DPC Metal Grinding Disc is especially designed for machining different steel and stainless steel grades.

It performs exceptionally well in both surface and edge grinding, and can be used for grinding metal sheets, profiles, pipes and rods, as well as solid material.

Tyrolit’s 2in1 range provide stable grinding discs resulting in less pressure for universal grinding tasks and a reasonable service life.

The 222865 provides excellent rough grinding results, especially in pipeline construction and peripheral grinding.

The disc is 230mm in diameter with a 6.0mm thickness and has a 22.23mm bore.

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    • For steel & stainless steel
    • Multiple applications
    • Suitable for solid materials
    • Ideal for edge and surface grinding
    • Excellent rough grinding
    • Less pressure
    • Good service life